Summer 2016:  High School Mission Trip and Middle School Conference

High School Mission Trip:  This coming summer we will be going to Chicago!!!  We could not be more excited for this incredible opportunity to serve children, homeless, and the elderly.  We will be going July 10-15.  We will spend the year fundraising and would love you to hold us in prayer as we prepare to serve.

Middle School Conference: This August 11-13 the middle school youth group will be serving in local ministries in Denver and Littleton for an in town mission trip! We will be working with David Clifton Ministries, Love Inc. and a few others. We will be staying at FPCL for 3 nights, with 2 full days of mission service, and one fun event. This is an amazing opportunity for the middle school youth group to serve together and grow together in community. Mission trips are amazing and profound faith giving adventures. We will have evening worship together along with discussing where we are seeing God during our days of service. All meals will be provided, and we will have a fun event on the second evening!

How can you be part of these life changing trips?  Prayer is the greatest way for these kids to feel your encouragement and presence.  Prayers for our youth to be able to attend these trips and prayers for all God will do for them during the week of the conference and mission trip!  Another huge way for you to be a part is through support.  Trips like these are important for their faith and their relationship with Christ, but they are not cheap.  The middle school conference costs $450 and the mission trip with travel costs $530 per kid.  We will have fundraisers throughout the year, but if you are interested in sponsoring a youth, please contact Allie Atchison, youth director.