Youth and Family Serve Day – June 25, 2016

What a joy June 25, 2016, was! A day filled with families, mission work, loving others  serving Christ, and what an incredible day it was!

We met everyone at the church at 9:30 in the morning. We  spent the first half  hour taking the time to get to know each other. Part of  the reason we  wanted to have a youth and family serve day was to build relationships between parents, youth, and parents and youth. We desire to be a community who cares for the whole family and gives a  chance to build relationships with families. So we started off  with a game called “Concentric Circles”. Youth stand in a circle facing in and on the inside was another circle of  adults facing out. We would ask fun questions such as, “If  you could be any kitchen utensil, what would you be and why?” The youth would move after every question and it was a great way to start our day.

We headed out to David Clifton Ministries at 10:30. We began the day with organizing and stocking the food pantry, along with helping organize and clear out their storage places in another part of  the building. As the day progressed, we spent time painting several rooms in the building. We took time to clean multipurpose rooms to help them get ready for their Sunday morning services. During lunch, we had the wonderful opportunity to hear about why David  Clifton Ministries exists from the founder, David Clifton. They desire to care for the homeless, hungry and needy in Denver. They feed thousands during the week, help stock pantries, and give job assistance. It has been a blessing to partner with them this last year!

We finished working at 4:30, and all of  us were exhausted from all of  the hard work all day. While I was talking with the volunteer coordinator and the founder, I was blessed to hear how much the work our group did meant to them. They were not only impressed with the amount of   work completed, but the care that went into it. Knowing our group cares about doing thorough and good work is an amazing group to be a part of. The youth and families cared for how things were completed and gave all of  themselves into the project. How Good is God? To see them work so hard in service for their love of  people and God warms me to the core of  my being. I am grateful and thankful for that incredible day. I will look forward to the others that will come in the  future.

If  you are reading this and want join us next time,s you are welcome! We would love to expand  our youth and family mission days in the coming months and years.