Youth Serve Day 2016: Leaf Raking

This year we participated in our second youth and family serve day raking leaves at homes of many from our congregation. For many raking leaves is a hard and arduous task which many in our church family are no longer able to complete. We delight as a youth group to serve these families and spend the day together having fun with leaves!

On Saturday November 5, 22 youth and their family members came together to rake 14 homes, filling hundreds of bags! Every youth and family member gave up their entire Saturday to serve their community, and what a blessing it is to work with each of them.

We split into 4 groups and set off on an amazing day of leaf raking. Each team had between 2-5 homes per team. It all depended on size of the yard and number of people in the group. While raking leaves there were many a pile jumped in by the youth. Make sure to check out the pictures in our gallery, and see all the fun we had during the day. The day was beautiful and we had wonderful weather all day.

I am incredibly grateful to each of them for their hard work and the care they gave each family. Thank you families for all your help. What a joy it is to serve with you.

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