Youth Mission Team Thank You Lunch

Sunday October 30 the youth mission teams of FPCL hosted a thank you lunch for the congregation.

This year I had the privilege of taking two groups on a mission trips. One group of high school students to inner city Chicago, and a group of middle school students to serve locally in Denver. For full stories about the blessing of these mission trips you will find them on our web page under youth stories.

Each of these groups had a large portion of their trip costs covered by the generosity of the good folks at FPCL. We wanted to take the time to thank the congregation in the best way presbyterians know how, with a meal. We served a meal of chili, corn bread, salad and wonderful desserts. Each table was creatively decorated by an amazing youth parent with pictures from the mission trip. We put care and love into the meal along with the decorations to tell the congregation how much their support meant.

Each table had 1-2 youth who attended a mission trip available to tell stories from their experiences on the trip. Almost every table was packed with people wanting to hear about their trips. After 20 minutes of story telling the youth moved tables so others could hear of their experiences.

Tables were full. Full of stories, full of laughter, and of course full of food. Sunday, October 30, the youth mission teams hosted a lunch to thank the congregation for their support prayerfully and financially for the summer mission trips. Around 50 people came and heard stories from these amazing youth trips, and what a blessing it is to have so many come and show support! The stories being told were of faith and service, and those listening truly wanted to hear about all God had done! How beautiful! We delighted in saying thank you through food and will look forward to making this a tradition!