“Prayers in Ayers” Begins June 11

“Prayers in Ayers” offers members and visitors the opportunity to experience the power of praying together in a focused way. It will be held every Sunday through the summer beginning June 11 from 10:45 to 11:00 in Ayers Parlor. It’s not a class. It’s not a lecture. It’s not a hot topic. It’s simply 15 minutes of praying together. Come as often as you can and don’t worry about when you can’t.

“Prayers in Ayers” will be a time to express your joys and concerns for what’s happening in the world, both close to home and far away. It will be a time to join together for building up the kingdom of God. It will be a time to experience what you cannot experience when you pray alone. “Prayers in Ayers” — Hope to see you there!