FPCL’s Gently Used Items “Fill the Truck” in Support of arc Thrift Stores!

FPCL’s heavy lifters!

Each year, FPCL supports arc Thrift stores by filling a trailer with gently used items that arc can then resell at their thrift stores.  In return for filling the truck, arc Thrift makes a special financial gift to First Presbyterian!  This was the 4th year that FPCL has filled the truck.  In years past, arc has dropped off a 28 foot trailer to fill … but this year they challenged us with a 48 footer … and FPCL was up to the task, nearly filling it all!

Engineer Trey plays a game of Tetris carefully fitting each donated item into its special spot in the truck.

Many donors were church members or neighbors of church members.   We actually had people who just drove by and saw the sign on the truck and stopped to donate their items.  Volunteers drove to private homes and picked up items for those who could not get the large items to the church parking lot themselves.  Truck loading volunteers this year included:  Deb and Mick Venrick, Joy Bannigan, Bill Frear, Trey McDowell, Sue and Scott Chandler, John Fredrickson, Dee Getzinger, Jeff Colwell, and Dave and Stacey LeMay.

Charlie inspects the truck!

Arc Thrift of Colorado was created to generate resources to support and advocate for people with developmental disabilities.  For over 30 years arc Thrift has raised millions of dollars through its stores for this mission.

Scott and Sue get their picture framed.