FPCL Feeds over 300 on Thanksgiving Day!

Chairperson Cheryl

Yeah!!  We did it again!  It was a beautiful, warm day which is always a relief!  We delivered 215 meals and served at least 130 at church which is about 50 more than last year.  We believe this increase is due to the guests we have been attending our monthly community dinners.  The generosity of this church with food, time and money is incredible.

Chef Daniel Kurtz

We had over 160 people participating in one way or another.  We did have left overs and Ruth Mandrell who is our community dinner chef has already found a recipe to use them to feed our guests for our next Community Dinner on December 26th.


Delivery Director Roberta

Our dinner would never be possible without the help of Daniel Kurtz and his daughter, Emily, who were our chefs and were at the church at 4:00 AM to start cooking the 34 turkeys.  Special thanks to Roberta Wheeler who once again took charge of arranging all the 215 delivered meals.   Finally, a special thanks to Cheryl Baughman who chaired the Thanksgiving Dinner committee.  Cheryl will chair this dinner again next year but that will be to train a new person to take over after that.  Someone in this church will hear the call of God to step forward to keep this mission going.   Please pray about this and if you have questions, Cheryl will be happy to talk with you about serving in this amazing capacity.