Planned Giving to First Presbyterian Church of Littleton

Planned Giving to First Presbyterian Church of Littleton

Throughout scripture, God’s Purpose is one of “faithfulness to all generations” (Psalm 100).  This, in turn, is our purpose as well — to let our love endure forever and be faithful to all generations.

One way to serve God and leave a lasting legacy is through a bequest, a gift of financial support to First Presbyterian Church of Littleton (FPCL) through your will.  A bequest is an opportunity for you to make a gift that will enable FPCL to continue sharing Christ’s teachings and values with the world, impacting future generations of members and church ministries.

There are several types of bequests that you can make.  For example:

  • You may give a specific asset, such as shares of a common stock that you own.
  • You may give a dollar amount, either a fixed amount (such as $30,000) or a percentage (such as 15% of a residual estate).
  • You may give a contingency bequest. If your primary beneficiary predeceases you, you may leave a designated sum to FPCL.

We recommend that a bequest be made to FPCL in general to give church leadership flexibility in directing financial resources where needed.  All bequests should be made to “First Presbyterian Church of Littleton” as the beneficiary.

Consult with your attorney and/or financial advisor(s) for assistance with bequest options, as well as the appropriate wording.  

How to Include FPCL in Your Will

It’s Easier Than You May Think!

  1. Consider the type of gift – the “bequest” – you wish to leave to FPCL.
  2. Consult with your attorney and/or financial advisor(s), as appropriate, to discuss how to provide effectively for both your family and your church.
  3. Contact an attorney to create or amend your will. There are also options to create a will using computer software programs.

Tip:         Many choose to update their wills following a significant life change:  marriage, divorce, birth, retirement, death of a loved one, or planning for a trip.  This may be an ideal time to consider adding FPCL to your will.

Take the First Step.  Join Us for a Confidential Discussion.

Any member of our FPCL Planned Giving Committee would be happy to join you for coffee and exploration, as well as answering your questions about planned giving.  Contact the church office for contact information of a committee member to schedule a confidential discussion:

  • Bob Chapman
  • Dave LeMay
  • John Ansted