FPCL’s 2018 Chili and Soup Cookoff – Food, Fun & Fellowship Spicy Style!

No one went hungry today!


FPCL’s 2018 Soup and Chili cook off competition was a big hit once again this year.  Congregants and guests broke out their secret recipes, stayed up past midnight simmering their creations, and entered 6 different types of chili and 4 different soups into our competition.  Two groups of completely impartial judges had the inevitable task of having to sample all of the entries. One group of judges sampled all of the chili’s and another group sampled each of the soups.  Winners in each category were selected.  The big winners this year were chili entries from two of our Boy Scouts, and brothers, from Boy Scout Troop #444.


These Boy Scouts know how to cook!

Scout Joseph Baker took home first prize in the chili contest with his “Triple 4, Triple Meat & Bacon” chili, and his brother, Ryan, came in a close third place with his “Tri-tip Special” chili.  Our own Scott Chandler was sandwiched in between in second place with his “Kitchen Sink” chili.  On the soup side, Pete and Suzanne Gordon took home the prize for the top soup with their “Cowboy Stew” and Jan Fuiks placed second with her “Pea Soup.”  No one left this great event hungry!