FPCL’s Community Dinner Has an Impact

First Presbyterian Church of Littleton’s February community dinner had a completely full house including 9 children.  The menu included Honey Mustard Chicken with noodles, herbed green beans, tossed salad with apples, fresh fruit and always a variety of handheld desserts. It was a menu that people really enjoyed and gave many wonderful compliments.

One new guest, who had  previously served in the military, commented  “that the table host that he sat with that evening had changed his life with her words and kindness. She had made him feel like a special human being and the whole event was the most special thing that had happened to him in months”.

The next community dinner will be March 27th. The menu will include Easter Ham, Baked Potatoes, Confetti Corn, Waldorf Salad, Fresh Fruit and a variety of handheld desserts.

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