1928 to 2018 – First Presbyterian has been the home of “444”.  “444” exists in two parts: seventy-one young men, ages 11 to 18 meet as “Boy Scout Troop 444”, on Thursday’s at 7, and fifteen young men and women, ages 14 to 21, meet as “Crew 444” on Tuesday’s at 7.  Sponsored by our church, these two premiere youth oriented programs have twice the numbers of parents and followers involved, which brings the entire community involved to around 350 to 400 participants sharing the contribution to the Littleton community!

This year, fifteen new scouts and parents have joined the Troop.  The organization is larger now containing five patrols and now using all four classrooms and Ficklin Hall for their meetings.  What makes the program is solid parental involvement and counseling for merit badges, campouts, eagle ceremonies, and every sort of adventures which are planned and supervised by the Boy Scout leaders themselves.  The program teaches self-esteem, self-reliance and leadership skills completely unavailable anywhere else to young men on their way to manhood.

First Presbyterian congratulates “444” for its contribution to our Littleton community and our long shared history of accomplishment and achievement together.  CONGRATULATIONS 444!

Jim Grow – Care and Follow-up Elder