FPCL Celebrates Two New Confirmands

Today two students confirmed their faith in Christ and joining our Church. Mary Hopkins and Thomas Jackson were confirmed on Sunday May 27th at our 10:30 service, and we celebrated their faith!  Throughout the confirmation experience, they were partnered with mentors who were a guiding light throughout the confirmation journey.  Our students were blessed with two incredible mentors, Kathy Frear was paired with Mary Hopkins and Trey McDowell was paired with Thomas Jackson.  They met together to wrestle with faith through devotionals, discussions, and even lessons on faith.  They had fun together meeting for dinner or attending a Rapids game.  The mentors and mentees attended classes with Cody about what it means to be Presbyterian.  They also served together at the action center and attended church and youth group.

At the end of their confirmation journey, Mary and Thomas they presented their statements of faith to a group of session members.  Both of them poured their heart and soul into their statements and brought a creative element.  If you would like to see their profound, touching statements of faith they are available for you to see in Chandler Hall.