FPCL Welcomes over 100 Guests for July Community Dinner

Tuesday July 31st was another VERY successful community dinner.  While all the volunteers were getting their instructions from their leaders and getting ready for the doors to open, over 35 guests were already lined up at the Windermere door waiting to come inside at 6:00 pm.

Each month the cooks have increased their cooking for more guests and it was a good thing.  We fed over 100 people and only completely ran out of a couple things at the end of the meal.  The welcome center was put to use and had a table host and guests sitting up there. One guest said it was “like their own private dining room and they were really enjoying it“. Once again, numerous compliments on the menu.  One gentleman says he tries to copy certain recipes on his own at home.  And a couple folks said that they were going to try to attend a church service in the  next few weeks.

The meal was a repeat favorite from last year.  Meatloaf with homemade mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, green salad with veggies, cinnamon carrots and of course yummy homemade desserts and fresh fruit.

August’s menu will consist of simple baked chicken, creamy potato salad, tomato herb salad,  handheld desserts and fresh fruit.

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