FPCL’s Peacemaker Quilters Impact Others

From FPCL member Dee Getzinger:  “First Presbyterian has the most caring Peace-Makers Quilters.  Many at First Pres have been praying for my dear friend, Joanie, over the last ten years, but this past year has been extremely difficult for her with many health challenges regarding her knee/leg.  Her last surgery in April determined if she would be able to keep her leg.  And with the miracle of an amazing doctor, she got her miracle!  But much work has to be done and pain dealt with before she can really walk.  The awesome quilters made her a beautiful quilt, and Pastor Carol brought it my home to present it to Joanie; after we all shared communion!  Joanie told Carol her heart was so full of joy and love at the outpouring of their time, prayer and spirit in creating the quilt for her.  She said it represents “a prayer in every stitch.”  May God continue to bless our ministry at First Pres so we can continue to bring peace, love, hope and joy to those who need our prayers and loving kindness.  I am filled with love and gratitude from all the love in our church.”