I want to share how our great back pack program made a huge difference this fall to a special family, who was not part of the group we gave backpacks to! Four young children in our community were in need of backpacks! Our great ladies in charge of them had already done 49, yet when they found out that these children needed them, they came forward with things, and our Whiz Kids organizer personally shopped for things that they were missing. When they were given their backpacks on the lawn at our church, they were beyond excited and took things out one at a time and then gently repacked them. I have never seen kids so excited about backpacks! Seeing their joy was a gift, knowing how

They came to our book sale during Western Welcome Week and were each given a large cloth bag to take children’s books home. It was like Christmas for them. And when they went into our sanctuary, they saw the doll in the cradle and all knelt, and the four-year old said, “We did not know we were going to see Baby Jesus.” And trust me, Jesus was there on our altar that afternoon with those kids and those who witnessed them.

They also got to ring the church bell and then went with their Dad to “movie night” at the church and stayed afterwards to help clean up. These children are examples of what “one act of kindness” can do that “keeps on giving.” They will continue to come to “movie night” and are already excited about VBS next summer at FPCL. What a great way of “reaching out to the community.”  I am so blessed to have known and cared for this special family for two years —— and it all started with backpacks from First Pres!  We, our church family, are responsible for their smiling faces!  GOD IS GREAT!  Our church family is loving and caring!

Blessings to all, Dee Getzinger