On Easter Sunday, April 17th, FPCL welcomed seventeen (17) children to the 10:00AM Easter service where they heard about Jesus’ Resurrection through a short dramatization featuring Mary Magdalene during the Children’s Sermon. FPCL hosted three events for the children on Easter Sunday. First, the children were invited to explore the Easter story, through a digital platform created by Pastor Cody. The children searched the church lawn for clues that would advance the story, as they collected relevant tokens that would serve as a reminder to what they learned. Then, during the Easter service four (4) children were presented with milestone Bibles. Immediately following the service, the children were invited to participate in an Easter Egg hunt. Suffice it to say, the approximate 300-ish Easter eggs vanished in minutes—with no trace of the egg hunt left to be found! It was a delight to watch the children learn about Jesus in these unique ways. We walked away knowing that Jesus’ Resurrection had reached the hearts of those children who came to the service this Easter Sunday. Thank you so much to all the servant-hearted volunteers [Pastor Cody, Blakeley Winslow, Bill Frear, Maria Franklin, Janice Fagan and Stephany Crosby] who gave of their time, gifts and energy to bless the children in this special way! Also, thank you to all the individuals who donated eggs/candy for the egg hunt—your contributions are so appreciated. As we continue to create opportunities for God’s children, let us keep close to our hearts the truths spoken in Proverbs 22:6!