Celebrate Easter with FPCL!

March 18:  Cantata for Lent

This special music-only worship service will feature “At His Name”, a beautiful composition that reflects on Jesus’ ministry and his life on earth. We will hear and sing about the monumental impact his name had on history. The music ranges from stately to gospel, from reflective ballad to stirring and soulful. Join us as we sing our faith together at our Lenten Cantata!

March 25:  PALM SUNDAY: Join us this week for our traditional Palm Sunday processional with Jesus, Guinness the donkey, and all choirs. Meet outside to greet Jesus and wave palms as he rides into Jerusalem.  We will be collecting the One Great Hour of Sharing offering. Please consider donating to this world-wide mission.

March 29:  MAUNDY THURSDAY SERVICE: Worship will begin at 7pm.

March 30:  Good Friday Worship at 7pm in the Sanctuary, Combined worship with the members of the Metro Covenant Community Churches.  Join us for a pot luck dinner at 5:30 pm in Ficklin Hall.

April 1st:  EASTER!
-8:00 a.m.:  Easter Service
-9:15 a.m.:  Resurrection Cafe breakfast in Ficklin Hall
-9:30 a.m.:  Easter Service
-11:00 a.m.:  Easter Service