Hurricane Harvey Hygiene Supply Drive (by Monday September 11)

Bring supplies to First Pres Littleton by Monday, September 11. They will then be taken to Columbine United Church to be packed and shipped.

First Presbyterian Church of Littleton
1609 W Littleton Blvd
Littleton, CO 80120

Supply Buckets and Hygeine Kits for Harvey (PDF)

Supply Bucket Needs:

  • 5-gallon bucket with resealable lid
  • Liquid laundry detergent (One 50oz or two 25oz. bottle(s) only)
  • Liquid household cleaner (12-16 oz. liquid cleaner that can be mixed with water – no spray cleaners)
  • Dish soap 16-18 oz. bottle, any brand
  • 50 Clothespins
  • Clothesline (One 100-ft. or two 50-ft. lines, Cotton or plastic)
  • 7 Sponges (No cellulose sponges due to mold issues, Remove from packaging)
  • 42-Roll heavy-duty trash bags (33-45 gallon sizes, Remove from the box)
  • 18 Cleaning wipes (Handi-wipes or reusable wipes, No terry cleaning towels, Remove from packaging)
  • 1 Can air freshener (Aerosol or pump)
  • 1 Insect-repellant spray (6-14 oz. aerosol or spray pump with protective cover)
  • 2 Pairs kitchen dishwashing gloves (should be durable enough for multiple uses, Remove from packaging)
  • 1 Pair work gloves (All Cotton or All Leather or Cotton with Leather Palm)
  • 5 Scouring pads (remove from wrapper, No stainless steel or Brillo pads, or SOS pads or nothing with soap built in)
  • 1 Scrub brush (Plastic or wood handle)
  • 5 Dust Masks

Hygiene Kit Supplies:

  • 1 Hand towel (15 x 25 inches to 17 x 27 inches, Kitchen, cleaning, and microfiber towels not acceptable)
  • 1 washcloth
  • 1 Toothbrush (Adult size only, Do not remove from original packaging)
  • 6 Adhesive bandages (3/4 in to 1 inch-size, Common household Band-Aids)
  • 1 Bath-size soap (3 oz. and larger size only, No Ivory or Jergens so due to moisture content, Do not remove from original packaging)
  • 1 Comb (Comb needs to be sturdy and longer than 6 inches long, No pocket combs or picks)
  • 1 Metal nail file or nail clippers (No emery boards, please)
  • 1 Plastic bag or One-gallon size sealable bag only
  • $1.00 to Purchase toothpaste