RSVP for In-Person Worship (Sundays at 9:30am)

The picture above is from our in-person worship service

Due to restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, our in-person worship will look a little different than normal. If you would like to join us in-person, an RSVP is encouraged. Please RSVP with the form at the bottom of this page when it is available. We will also call some households who may have difficulty using this online RSVP system.

We will email the congregation with how many walk-up spots are available on Saturday before the worship service.

RSVP for April 11 at 9:30am

Checklist for Attending FPCL In-Person Worship

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, we are only able to offer online worship for you at this time. We are doing our best to maintain the health and safety of everyone in attendance.

  1. Wear a mask or face shield from the time you exit your vehicle to the moment you return to your vehicle. If you forget yours, we will give you one when you arrive. If you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, we have some face shields that should work for you.
  2. Prior to the doors opening, please line up along the sidewalk at the locations marked in chalk. Masks or face shields should be worn, and 6 feet of distance should be maintained between households.
    1. If you would prefer to use the ramp in the alley to enter the Sanctuary, you may line up there instead. Someone will be available to check you in at the ramp.
  3. When the doors open and the person checking  RSVPs indicates they are ready, tell them the name you used to book your RSVP.
  4. Please obey all the signs that are posted to guide you during this different time.
  5. Proceed directly to a seating zone in the Sanctuary.
    1. Seating zones are marked with colorful rope and signs on the seats. Please sit entirely within the indicated zone to ensure proper distancing.
  6. The worship service itself will have some modifications as we try to balance spiritual growth on one hand and health and safety on the other.
    1. Please maintain 6 feet of distance between households at all times.
    2. Please wave to people rather than shaking hands, elbow taps, etc.
    3. We are unable to offer food or drinks at this time.
    4. Hymnals and Bibles have been removed.
    5. Bulletins will already be placed on the seating zones, and all of them will be large print.
    6. On first Sundays, pre-packaged Communion elements will also be placed on the seating zones.
    7. We are unable to offer congregational singing or congregational readings at this time. All music, singing, and readings will be from leaders at the front of the Sanctuary.
    8. The offering plates will be on pedestals just inside the entrances to the Sanctuary. You may place your offering in the offering plate as you enter or as you leave.
    9. We will use the swamp cooler and open windows to increase ventilation within the Sanctuary.
  7. When the worship service is over, a pastor will invite people to leave by rows. When the pastor waves at the balcony, the entire balcony may leave at the same time. Please proceed directly outside.
  8. If you wish to catch up with someone, you are invited to do so outside, with your mask still in place, and still maintaining 6 feet of distance between households.