At-Home Communion Ministry Training

Vision for At-Home Communion

Graciously extend the church’s relationships, prayer, and Communion to those who are unable to attend worship.

Training Materials

Download the Training Document and Sample Visit Form (PDF)

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Goals for At-Home Communion

  • Be the smiling face of the church for those who are at home

  • Deepen or create relationships by visiting the same people each month

  • Offer prayer and record/share any prayer requests from the recipient

  • Serve Communion

  • Communicate any joys, concerns, prayer requests, and special notes for Deacons/Pastor

At-Home Communion Ministry Summary

  • Deacons maintain a list of current at-home Communion recipients

  • Two people form an At-Home Communion Team (“Team”)

    • Session annually approves the list of Communion servers and substitutes (which can include anyone from the church – not limited to Elders, Deacons, or Pastors)

    • Everyone who will be part of a regular Team or substitute should be trained in-person or online prior to serving

  • Teams drive to about 2 homes on the first Sunday of the month to offer relationship, prayer, and Communion

    • In general, you should have the same homes each month so your Team can develop a relationship with the recipient

    • If you are unable to serve Communion a particular month, follow the process to find a substitute

Training Videos (about 30 minutes total)