Interested in Connecting? Let Us Know

FPCL is currently offering chaperoned small groups for youth of all ages:  high school boys, high school girls and middle schoolers.  These groups meet individually at least monthly for an informal small gathering; a meal, ice cream, mini golf etc.  These groups may also all get together to do some kind of service project.  All youth are welcome, you need not be a church member.  Bring your friends!  Please contact our church office (303) 798-1389 for more information.  

School Year Schedule

Youth group meets on Sunday mornings during the 10:30am worship service. Our youth begin their morning in worship together with their families or each other in the Sanctuary, then move upstairs to the youth area following the Children’s Sermon. Their time together includes connecting with prayer requests followed by a weekly devotional and often wraps up around 11:45am after a fun game or other fellowship activity. We’d love for you to join us! And bring a friend!!