Spiritual Journey

The resources on this page are a set of tools to help you continue in your spiritual journey.

Equipping people to live fulfilling and meaningful lives by following Jesus Christ

I want to grow closer to God

Most people grow closer to God by intentionally and regularly creating time to (#1) read and reflect on the Bible and (#2) pray for God’s guidance in your life.

How to Read and Reflect on the Bible

We created a brief training on how to read and reflect on the Bible. We also have a list of recommended email daily devotionals. If one of these sounds interesting to you, subscribe and use the email as a reminder to read and reflect on the Bible and pray for God’s guidance in your life.

Here are some additional resources for growing closer to God

Spiritual Pathways Discussion Guide

The WAY to LIFE Devotional (Spiritual Practices)

I want to discover my purpose in life

Younique by Will Mancini (link to Amazon)

Many people in our church have gained a greater understanding of their Divine Design and their purpose in life through “Younique” by Will Mancini. We have small group discussion guides, and Pastor Cody offers an in-depth Primer Course for those who want to invest time and energy discovering their purpose in life. You can buy the book and read it on your own to get a great start on your journey to discovering your Divine Design. Contact the Church office if you are interested in the in-depth Primer Course.

I want to serve others in a way that energizes me (instead of draining me)

Discover Your Spiritual DNA

We have all been designed by God to function in particular ways. Some people are energized by leading a team. Others want no part of the spotlight. Some people are energized by tangibly meeting the physical and spiritual needs of others. Others prefer to engage spiritually through intentional prayer. When you understand your Spiritual DNA (also called spiritual gifts), you have a better idea of what kind of ministry roles will energize you.

We have an online spiritual gifts assessment

Here are some regular ways to serve as well. Contact the Church office if you are interested in any of these ways to serve.

  • Cook, clean, or serve at the monthly Community Dinner
  • Serve as an usher for Sunday worship services
  • Provide snacks for Sunday worship services
  • Sing in the choir
  • Join one of our hand bell choirs
  • Join the Mission Committee
  • Join the Online Ministry Team

I want to find friends who can help me along my spiritual journey

Shabby Sheep Fall Bible Study

We offer a number of Bible studies and groups where people gather to connect with God through the Bible, connect with each other through discussion and prayer, and support each other in their spiritual journeys. Contact the Church Office if you are interested in any of these groups.

  • Women
    • Shabby Sheep Women’s Bible Studies
    • Women’s Circle Groups
  • Men
    • Men’s Monday Night Bible Study with Pastor Cody
    • Men’s Monday Morning Bible Study
  • Adults
    • Saturday Lunch Programs
  • Children
    • Children’s Sunday School
  • Youth (Middle School and High School)
    • Youth Group