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PNCFirst Presbyterian Church of Littleton (FPCL) is a warm, welcoming and diverse congregation, serving Christ and our community since 1883. A kinship of joy, with friendship and encouragement, FPCL has a rich tradition of spiritual growth through mission, service and Christian Education. FPCL has an experienced, knowledgeable staff of caring professionals that provide a spiritual compass to help you navigate your journey of faith. Housed in an extraordinary historical structure built in 1929, you will find an inviting sanctuary in which to worship and a peaceful place to pray.

Our Mission

We are called to lead the community to a closer relationship with God through Jesus Christ. More specifically, we believe Jesus calls us to Belong, Believe, and Be Loving.

Belong – we have deep relationships that are rooted in a particular place.
Believe – we have an alive, growing faith in Jesus Christ.
Be Loving – we are branching out to serve others as Jesus did.

Our Vision

We feel Jesus calling our attention to our local neighborhoods. Specifically, we will be focusing on two different areas with two different strategies in 2019 and beyond.

One Mile: Our church was once a place where the people who could walk here chose to do so, because Jesus used our church to make a positive difference in the lives of those in our community. We will once again reach out to the one mile around our church to start rediscovering those relationships.

My Neighborhood: Many church members live too far away from the church to spend a lot of time in our one mile area. We encourage church members to help the people in their local neighborhoods Belong, Believe, and Be Loving.

Who We Are

We Are Followers of Jesus

We Are Biblical

  • We always ground our discussions in the Bible, especially when we have different interpretations (2 Timothy 3:16).

We Are Rooted in Relationships

  • Jesus said they will know we are Christians by the love we have for each other. (John 13:35)

We Are Graceful

  • All of us have areas of our life that Jesus would love to transform. We know no one is perfect, and we choose to disagree without becoming disagreeable. (Colossians 3:13)

We Are Serving

  • Jesus came to serve, not be served. We serve in our church, in our community, and in the world. (Mark 10:45, Acts 1:8)

We Are Worshipful

  • When we gather together for worship, the Holy Spirit has a chance to shape our lives to be more like Christ. (Hebrews 10:25)

We Are Hopeful

  • Jesus is continuing to renew, restore, and redeem our world. We can participate in that renewal today, but one day we will celebrate together as Jesus unveils our eternal home. (Revelation 22:1-5)

Want to know more? Read more about what we believe.

Spiritual Growth at FPCL

We know that every person’s spiritual walk looks very different. Some sprout quickly and some take time. Some people grow closer to Christ by serving the needy, and others are more apt to study Scripture in-depth. With that in mind, we look at Acts 2:42-47 and see in it a picture of spiritual growth that is all-encompassing yet organic and unique for each person. We use the image of a tree to capture the organic nature of our spiritual growth.

Discipleship-Tree-and-Tree-Rings-of-FaithThe (1) Soil of the tree is Worship with other believers. A lot of your spiritual nutrients come from the soil of regular worship. The (2) Seed of the tree is a Commitment to Jesus Christ. Whenever we’re willing to let Christ influence the direction of our lives, nothing will ever be quite the same again. Once the seed is planted we put down deep (3) Roots of Relationships. Whether it’s a Bible study or quilting, our faith grows deeper when we are somewhere we belong. Out of this foundation we begin to show the (4) Trunk of our tree through Spiritual Practices. The two most important are regularly reflecting on Scripture (not just reading) and praying for guidance. There are plenty of other spiritual practices, but these two make an impact for everyone. We then use our (5) Branches in useful Ministry. From tutoring kids to feeding the hungry to driving around people who can no longer drive themselves, any way we put our faith into action for someone else strengthens our faith. In fact, a tree can’t use the nutrients from the soil without the photosynthesis that comes from the leaves on the branches. In a similar way, serving others catalyzes our faith growth. Finally we take the step of bearing (6) Fruit by Sharing Christ with Others. This can be any spiritual conversation with others who are on their journey of faith. It might be as simple as mentioning to your neighbors that you were serving others this weekend and invite them to join you next time.

As you consider these aspects of spiritual growth, what does your tree look like? Maybe you have a ton of branches but your trunk isn’t well developed. Maybe you have incredible roots and a huge trunk but there’s no fruit yet? Whatever your tree looks like, remember that we all grow at our own pace and in unique ways. Your tree shouldn’t look like anyone else’s, but all of these components should be present for your tree to be whole.

Download the Tree of Discipleship


On November 4, 1883 a group of eighteen individuals, optimistic about the future of Littleton, organized the Presbyterian Church of Littleton. The Reverend Thomas E. Bliss was called as the first pastor. In the beginning, the new church met in the local school. By 1886, the congregation was growing and needed a larger, more permanent space. They purchased a vacant church building, known as the “Brick Church” at the corner of Curtice and Main Streets in downtown Littleton. (learn more)