FPCL’s Troop 444 – Summer Camp Fun

First Pres member and scout supporter Doctor Cal Doner teaches knot tying to Troop 444 scouts at the 2017 Summer Campout held on the shore of Wellington Lake by Bailey, Colorado.  Cal is the camp doctor but doubles as a merit badge counselor along with forty other adults accompanying the Troop.  This year, FPCL’s Boy Scout group celebrates a week long session packed each day with skill trainings and camping fun.  Our scouts are running hard to meet a schedule of events from “reveille” in the morning to “taps” at lights out.  Opening day this year, the Troop served 130 campers for dinner!

Our church has sponsored Troop 444 for 89 years.   For 54 years, the troop has camped on the shores of Wellington Lake offering hundreds of programs for their young men.  Fun with learning pervades both water and land activities such as swimming, sailing, lifesaving, signaling, compass reading, safe rifle shooting, leatherworking, cooking, camping arts and much, much more.  Our church can be extremely proud of our sponsorship of the involvement of the troop’s  63 boys  building self reliance on their way to manhood!  Boy Scout programs are exquisitely organized to teach allegiance to God and Country.

First Pres is anxious to acquaint our church membership with this superb program.   You can get information and connection information  through the church office.  There is not a better or more wholesome  program for young men on their way through their middle and senior high school experience in existence today.