Aspiring Troop 444 Eagle Scouts “give back” to FPCL

On February 18th, approximately thirty scouts and parents gathered in the alley beside our church to finish the first 2017 Eagle project to “give-back” for the benefit of First Presbyterian.   Since 1928, FPCL has been the charter-sponsor of the Troop 444 program.  The troop leadership explains that they wish to “give back” to the church by organizing Eagle projects that FPCL agrees will benefit the church facilities.  Since, this year, there are 12 young men in the troop eligible to complete their requirements for “Eagle”; the troop asked what might FPCL suggest?


The handicap ramp remodel project was carried to completion by Eagle Candidate, Jakob Blandin.  Jakob is a handsome 17 year old, who in 7 years with 444 earned 45 merit badges (the Eagle requirement is 21).  Jakob has held multiple leadership roles in the troop including: Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, Librarian, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and Junior Assistant Scoutmaster.   The Eagle Project requires Jacob to complete a closely supervised process of conceptualizing, estimating all material and labor costs, finding the funding to purchase materials, assembling the scout and parent labor, and then reporting  the completion of each step for the approval of the Eagle Board.  This is an incredible learning process leading to the finish advantages of self esteem and confidence building.

Seven possible projects have been entered into the planning for 2017.  The original suggestions for projects were discussed at a meeting composed of Scoutmaster, Curtis Letson and Committee Chairman, Trevor Border with Pastor Sandahl and Bill Frear, serving as the “FPCL contact”.   Each “Eagle Project”, once proposed, goes through an exhaustive proposal-to-completion process, established by the Boy Scouts and under the watchful eye of the 444 “Eagle Board Committee”.

The revamp and remodel of the Handicap Ramp, which comprises the alley entrance for wheel chair congregants into our sanctuary, was a suggestion.  This project involves church consultation but no church expense: it is entirely meant for FPCL’s benefit.  To the church, the benefactors are the Eagle Candidate working through the scouts and parents of the troop.

FPCL  is proud of its partnership with BSA Troop 444.  Meeting every Thursday night at 7 p.m., they offer a program needed by young men in our community.   This wonderful  program, existing  under FPCL’s sponsorship,  gives young men positive adult-youth relationships, leadership role opportunities and the acquisition of life skills leading into manhood.  FPCL is blessed with this partnership in character building, with an exemplary group of young men, dedicated parents and excellent leadership.  Please inspect our refurbished handicap ramp: I think you might be impressed!