Introducing Our New Interim Pastor…

Pastor Bill on the left with his son, (Korey), daughter out-of-law (Jasmine) and two of our Grandkids… Ezekiel and Carlie. Bill and JoAnn have three children, Josh, Kory & Miranda (who is married to Charles a PCUS Pastor.)

Pastor Bill’s 40-year career…
After recommitting my life to Jesus in 1974, while a student at Oregon State University, I was actively involved in Campus Crusade For Christ. Feeling called to ministry, I left OSU to attend Bible College in Spokane WA.

While attending Bible College in 1981, I travelled around Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon leading Vacation Bible School, leading Youth Rallies and counseling at church Camp…. That is where I met my wife of 40 years, JoAnn! Later that year I started my fist paid ministry job… cleaning toilets at Central Baptist Church of Joy in Spokane, Washington.

Over the past 40 years I have served churches in a variety of contexts, ranging from urban to rural; size: 3-200+. I served as the Executive Director of two Camp and Conference Centers, as well.

The next five years were spent in Camp and Conference ministries in Sun Valley Idaho and Freemont Nebraska. Both camps were severely in debt on my arrival. When I left, each camp was operating in the Black and attendance by all users was at record highs.

We moved back to eastern Washington, where I did roofing and general construction for several years, but couldn’t stay away from ministry. A little church in Steptoe WA (population 125) asked me to be there pastor… all three people voted yes! We grew from those three to averaging about 20. About a year after starting at Steptoe, another little church of about 35 in Tekoa WA asked if I would be there pastor as well as the Steptoe church. I agreed. They had a parsonage, so the Johnson family moved from a 70 foot trailer to a huge 4 bedroom house. Initially I was still doing construction but decided to devote more time to the ministries. Over the next eight years, added Building Inspector for Tekoa, Track and field coach for the High School, combine driver in harvest, and fall farm work to the resume. Both churches grew and were healthy.

It was in 2008 I received a call from the Ecumenical Church of Pueblo West, in Pueblo West, CO. After fourteen years (longest serving pastor in the churches history) I decided to retire.

I am looking forward to walking with all of you at 1st Littleton, as you prepare for what lies ahead.

Grace in Jesus,
Pastor Bill Johnson