First Presbyterian Welcomes the Reverend Jonathan Murray

First Presbyterian Church of Littleton is pleased to announce that the Reverend Jonathan Murray was approved today by our congregation as our new pastor!

Jonathan most recently served as Co-Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church, College Station, Texas, alongside his spouse the Reverend Caressa Murray. They equally shared the responsibilities of preaching in the pulpit, moderating session, overseeing committees and staff, pastoral care, worship leadership, and teaching. As partners in life, ministry, and parenthood, Jonathan and Caressa look forward to following where God leads each of them as they pursue individual calls to ministry in Colorado.

Jonathan has 14 years ordained experience and 21 years of professional ministry. Jonathan graduated from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Austin, TX, in 2008 with a Master of Divinity. In October 2009, Jonathan was called as Pastor to St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Needville, TX, and served until August 2014. He created a ministry for children based on Godly Play, expanded the middle and high school youth program, and led several new mission endeavors and summer trips.

Jonathan was then called by Covenant Presbyterian Church, College Station, TX, as Designated Pastor – a term that describes a two-year contract that can open to an installed pastoral relationship or be dissolved. Through discernment and prayer of Jonathan and the PNC, a new possibility opened for Jonathan and Caressa to serve as Co-Pastors. After 6 ½ years, we clarified the vision and values through the session and a strategic planning team seeking to claim the identity of this body of Christ. When Jonathan began in September 2014, his two children doubled the number of youth and children. When they left in October 2023, the youth group was thriving and the children’s area in the sanctuary was overflowing with young families. During the clergy couples’ ministry at Covenant, the church created new ministries for children, tweens, youth, college students, and for families with young children such as “Kids on a Mission” – a once-a-month Sunday afternoon that puts mission in the kids’ hands through understanding bible stories of what Jesus did to serve a need.

Jonathan has served as keynote speaker at two youth conferences: in 2016, at Junior High Jubilee at Mo Ranch Presbyterian Conference, Hunt, TX, and in 2022, at SYNOD of the Sun Youth Workshop, Tulsa, OK. He was a clergy member of Faith Leaders for Justice Group of Bryan College Station, who work for food security, affordable housing, voters rights, and other justice issues in the community.