Youth Group Mess Night 2016

We started the summer off without best event all year, Mess Night! Every year, in May we welcome incoming 6th grade students into youth group. For the last two years we have welcomed them with our all-time favorite event, Mess Night.

Mess Night is an evening of games which are messy by nature and intentionally get the youth very messy, as you can see from the pictures. We had 28 students attend this year with 11 new students some new 6th graders and some friends of our wonderful youth.

This event is an absolute blast to plan, and every year I look forward to finding new messy games, and the messier the better. Mess Night is more than a night of messy games, it is a night of community building. Through these games the youth work together, build relationships and bond all while having a blast.

We played great games such as pudding Pictionary; where the Pictionary clues are drawn into pudding on a table instead of on paper. We also created ice cream sundaes with our hands using; globs of ice cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and cherries made for a messy and fun game! Those are just two of a night full of fun and messy games we played with our youth.

The best game of the night we save for the very end, PAINT TWISTER. Creating a twister board on a large tarp we added yellow, blue, green and red paint to the twister board. The youth then gathered around and played twister with paint! Each move proceeded with more and more paint on youth ending with them covered in paint and covering each other in paint. And the best way to clean off after being covered in paint? That’s right a water balloon fight!

All night we watched our wonderful youth laugh and have an amazing time. We saw our youth work together creating new friendships and welcoming in our new students with open arms. It was a night of fun and community building! Parents came toward the end to see what mess night is all about and watching their faces as they saw their kids having fun was great. I could keep talking about this night for days about all of the fun we had but I will leave you with this come check out our events which are all this much fun and about connecting, making friends and knowing Christ better.