David Clifton Ministries and Our Youth

This year our youth group has partnered with an amazing ministry in Lakewood, David Clifton Ministries. David Clifton Ministries is a non-prophet ministry with a soup kitchen for the homeless, and provides clothing and food for those in need. There are 4 full time volunteers who work over 15 hours a day to help maintain and run the clothing and food bank.

Over the last couple of months the youth group has served once a month in the clothing and food pantries. We have helped stock and organize all food and clothing needed for the coming weeks. We spend a full day working together serving this wonderful community. It has been an incredible blessing to work with the ministry and the dedicated members who spend their days serving those in need.

Please join us in serving with David Clifton through prayer. Pray for this incredible ministry to continue to do the amazing work of caring for the hungry and those in need. Pray for our youth as they serve and join in the work God is doing!