Celebrate the 15 Amazing Coders Who Completed the 2018 Summer Code Academy with Pastor Cody!

We had an amazing group of 15 students and a wonderful crew of leaders for the 2018 Summer Code Academy! The robots have now all migrated to their new homes with the students, and we have heard about some students who have stayed in contact to help each other continue coding.

We started learning the basics of computer programming using an app called “Lightbot.” Then we moved on to controlling and programming a robot called the “Ozobot Evo.” Each day at snack time we encouraged the students to build a particular scene with their food that tied-in with the theme of the day (like this “robot”).

We started with a bunch of students who had very little exposure to computer programming, and by the end of the camp we had fifteen students programming their robots to become self-driving cars through an obstacle course of foam marshmallows.

To see more photos, go to www.code4kids.me/camp

Thank you to the incredible team of volunteers who helped pull this event together!

Pastor Cody