We are continually looking for ways to better use the space we have for our mission and ministry in the name of Christ. If you believe you have the perspective and ability to contribute to this effort, please contact Elinor at or 303-798-1389 to let her know about your interest in the Renovation Committee.

Worship Renovation

We are currently working on a plan for renovating our worship space. There are three important points to remember:

  1. We want the sanctuary to keep the same overall feel – this is a beautiful historical church and we want to highlight that as we refresh and update the sanctuary.
  2. We want to over-communicate throughout the process.
  3. There is not a timetable for these renovations. We still need to form a Renovation Committee to help prioritize all of the projects for the life and ministry of the church.

You can download the list of feedback we have received here. If you have something to add, please let Elinor know in writing or by emailing her at

2019 ideas for sanctuary upgrade